Why we are different



  1. Our business is involved only in the psychometric assessment stage of the selection process. Hence, we are able to provide objective assessments from an ethical distance, so that there is no conflict of interest

  2. Our staff conduct and interpret psychometric assessments under the Professional Guidelines of the New Zealand Psychological Society, and under the control of a Registered Psychologist

  3. Tests with relevant and up-to-date local norm groups are used. This means that candidates are compared against their peers in a context relevant to the position for which they are being tested

  4. QED Services Ltd ensures that candidates are adequately prepared for the test enabling them to perform their best and therefore produce a more accurate result reflecting their ability

  5. This is done by providing the opportunity to use practice leaflets or visit the company website to view examples whenever these are available

  6. Candidates are always tested in person, either at our offices or at another mutually agreed upon venue. This helps standardize the assessment process, as well as ensuring that the candidate themselves completes the assessments

  7. Administration instructions are always adhered to ensuring that all candidates are given accurate information relating to the test as well as opportunities to complete examples and to ask questions. This helps avoid bias and unlawful discrimination

  8. Time is always taken to establish rapport with the candidate and to ensure that they feel as comfortable as possible with the assessment process

We have access to a large number of psychological instruments and specific tests that can be used in any business setting. We provide you with the correct test for the job taking into account your budgets.