Recruitment Assessment


  • Employing staff introduces risk into the organisation, Recruitment Assessments help minimise that risk
  • Even when the organisation has defined what the job requirements are, the identification and eventual selection of staff remains complex.
  • People not only bring their skills and aptitudes to a job, but also their interest and motivational levels and ways of doing things.
  • Recruitment Assessments provide potential employers with quantifiable information on the abilities and personality traits of candidates both internal and external.
  • Fast turnaround and an individual approach to assessments


Why use QED Services Limited?

  • We provide personal, professional, psychologically-based services to organisations
  • We have been providing Psychometric Assessments for recruitment purposes for over 10 years to a range of corporate and public sector clients.
  • All our staff and associates are technically qualified at tertiary level to undertake the work of our clients.  We use the best people and the best process/products to provide the best results to our clients
  • Our people are skilled professional individuals who have a grounding in business.  We are able to understand your needs and the drivers that bring you to us, therefore delivering the results you need in the timeframe required.
  • We understand that time is often of the essence so where possible we will respond to your needs in a timely manner with suitable professional staff.
  • Depending on the agreed up front parameters, we are prepared to guarantee the quality of our work.


What QED Services Limited can provide:

  • Our assessments are designed specifically to bring a deeper understanding of an individual's competence level, their typical ways of behaving, and how they relate to the job demands, management style and company culture.
  • We have a range of psychometric instruments that are widely accepted as being the most up-to-date tools available and reflect state-of-the-art practice. QED Services Limited is not attached to any test supplier, we will recommend the tests that provide you with the best information and that match your budget. As qualified practitioners we only use licensed materials with proven high reliability and validity.
  • QED Services Limited will conduct testing all over Auckland and has a number of sites around New Zealand and overseas where testing can be completed.

 Key Principles of QED’s Recruitment Assessment Processes: 

  • All testing is under the control of a Registered Psychologist.
  • We take time to involve the candidate in the process and keep them fully informed both before the assessment, giving them a standard briefing and after the assessment, by giving them a feedback interview to discuss the results (important for interpretation of the results). Candidates often feel more comfortable knowing that their comments, disagreements or confirmations of specific attributes will be included in the final report.
  • We appreciate the importance of confidentiality in the process, and are flexible in conducting the assessment at a time and place suitable to the candidate (this can incur a small travel cost).
  • Our reports are individually written, not computer generated, where we include the candidate's comments for elaboration.
  • QED Services Limited will write reports in as many styles as required to match a client's preferences or needs. A key summary can be written linked to the specific competencies identified for successful performance.
  • It is important that the candidate be met by the tester and observed performing the test ensuring, not only that they are actually the person completing the assessment unaided, but also to observe the behaviour of the candidate for later interpretation with the assessment results.
  • The ability to discuss the candidate and their results in an objective manner with the qualified professional involved in their assessment can give greater insight into the candidate's fit with the position and the organisational culture.
  • A fast and timely delivery, where we typically have the report emailed to you in the first instance within 24 - 48 hours of giving feedback. This is followed by a hard copy of the report couriered to you. Our aim is to always meet the timeframe that we have discussed with you.


The Value of QED’s Recruitment Assessments to the Organisation:

  • Assesses risk
  • Measures fit to the organisations culture (check for balance)
  • Helps to differentiate between short listed candidates
  • Highlights capabilities and developmental features
  • Screening of candidate pool
  • Independent so there is no conflict of interest and adds objectivity to the process
  • No administration for the client – hassle free
  • Provides interview questions to tap into areas of concern
  • Reduces the cost of selection errors
  • Provides objectivity.