Quality of Assessments

When selecting your assessor, consider the following checklist.

QED Services can proudly say Yes to all of the 16 questions on the checklist.

Checklist For Quality Psychometric Assessments

  1. Are the assessments under the control of a Registered Psychologist?
    • A Registered Psychologist is a professional who has undergone evaluation and training and operates under the auspices of the Psychologists Board. There is no control over the use of the title psychologist. Only "Registered Psychologists" have the backing and control of this professional body.
  2. Are tests relevant to the specific job, level of the job, and our society?
    • There are many tests available in the marketplace. Some relate to social constructs and concepts that are not relevant to our society such as "What is the distance from New York to Washington DC?" Tests can measure or purport to measure many things. Are the things being measured relevant to the workplace and a specific job?
  3. Are the tests current and up to date?
    • Some tests have been around for many years. Some of these have been upgraded, redesigned or even deleted by their suppliers, but the old versions are still available in the market place.
  4. Are the results compared to relevant and local norms?
    • Most tests have their results compared to a "Norm Group" consisting of the results from a similar group profile such as "Managers and Professionals in New Zealand 1999" or "The general population of Iceland".
  5. Are the tests administered in compliance with the test author's instructions?
    • Authors of tests generally stipulate the way in which their tests are to be administered, often down to detailing what should be said or read to the candidate as they start their exercise. These conditions should be adhered to provide accurate and compatible test results between candidates and over time.
  6. Is the candidate prepared before the assessment to ensure they understand what they will be facing and how the process will run?
    • Candidates should be briefed on the general format of the process that they are going to undergo and where practical given the opportunity to experience some example questions.
  7. Is there any flexibility in where and when the candidate can be tested?
    • QED Services Limited will conduct testing all over Auckland and has a number of sites around New Zealand and overseas where testing can be completed.
  8. Is the report individually written specific to the candidate and position applied for, in a format that suits you?
    • With the increased availability of computing and the Internet it is possible to quickly generate stock reports, which take no account of behavioural, or other factors from the assessment and can tend to be very "samey" both in look and content.
  9. Is the candidate tested in person?
    • It is important that the candidate be met by the tester and observed performing the test ensuring, not only that they are actually the person completing the assessment unaided, but also to observe the behavior of the candidate for later interpretation with the assessment results.
  10. Has the person writing the report discussed the results with the candidate?
    • As mentioned above, discussing results with the candidate adds depth to the report writing, interpretation and evaluation of the candidate giving a more personalised report.
  11. Is the candidate given the opportunity to receive feedback on their results at the completion of the exercise - at no extra cost?
    • Discussing the results with the candidate prior to writing the report, not only gives the candidate an understanding of their performance, but also allows further observation and understanding of factors that may have affected the results of that particular day.
  12. Is the candidate given the opportunity to have their comments on the feedback included in the final report?
    • Candidates often feel more comfortable knowing that their comments, disagreements or confirmations of specific attributes will be included in the final report.
  13. Do you have a choice of reporting style?
    • QED Services Limited will write reports in as many styles as required to match a client's preferences or needs. A key summary can be written linked to the specific competencies identified for successful performance.
  14. Does your testing organisation give you personal verbal feedback on the candidate directly from the psychologist involved?
    • The ability to discuss the candidate and their results in an objective manner with the qualified professional involved in their assessment can give greater insight into the candidate's fit with the position and the organisational culture.
  15. Is the assessment performed by an organisation without a vested interest in the final recruitment decision?
    • QED Services Limited has no vested interest in making a candidate "look good", even when the assessment is arranged through a Recruitment Agency.
  16. Does the testing organisation have a wide range of tests available from a number of independent suppliers?
    • QED Services Limited is not attached to any test supplier, we will recommend the tests that provide you with the best information and that match your budget.