Performance Management


  • Performance management is based on a number of simple premises:
    • People work more effectively if they know what they are expected to do and can determine how well they have done it
    • People are more likely to achieve desired results if they have been involved in establishing their individual performance plan
    • Agreement about expected performance and the extent of achievement is more easily achieved if people understand and can track how their performance is to be measured
    • People are more motivated to achieve results which they feel are important and feasible
    • People expect to be rewarded fairly for their contribution.
  • Performance management is largely concerned with constructive and effective communication.

Why use QED Services Limited?

  • We provide personal, professional, psychologically-based services to organisations.
  • We have been providing Performance Management and Systems Design and Review for over 10 years to a range of corporate and public sector clients.
  • All our staff and associates are technically qualified at tertiary level to undertake the work of our clients.  We use the best people and the best process/products to provide the best results to our clients.
  • Our people are skilled professional individuals who have a grounding in business.  We are able to understand your needs and the drivers that bring you to us, therefore delivering the results you need in the timeframe required.
  • We understand that time is often of the essence so where possible we will respond to your needs in a timely manner with suitable professional staff.
  • Depending on the agreed up front parameters, we are prepared to guarantee the quality of our work.

What QED Services Limited can provide:

  • The Development of a Performance Management which means that every employee:
    • Has clear accountabilities, specific objectives and associated performance measures
    • Receives regular and honest feedback and coaching
    • Has their performance rewarded through recognition, compensation and personal advancement.
  • A series of modules are designed to target the key areas of performance management.

Key Principles of QED’s Performance Management and Systems Design: 

  • To clearly understand the associated outcomes and success or failure of interventions or programmes used in the past to enable some continuity.
  • To clearly appreciate the objectives of the organisation as well as consider current and changing business demands.
  • To see where the gaps are between the intent of the intervention and the skill level of the participants of the course and then plug these gaps.

The Value of QED’s Performance Management and Systems Design:

  • All employees having clarity of role.
  • Structured process linking performance with pay.
  • An ongoing systematic review process.
  • An essential tool for managers and employees to shape the future.