Personal Development, Coaching &, Mentoring

Corporate transformation begins with personal transformation. Support and advice is offered to the individual facing personal and professional growth.

Customised Training Courses

These are developed in conjunction with the client corporation to provide them with the results they need. Each course is individually designed and structured, using the most effective combination of learning tools and methods.

Values based development

The alignment of individual and company values is the critical key to sustained corporate success. Behind every business activity and transaction are people, making decisions based on their values. If management's behaviour is congruent with the values espoused in the corporate belief, vision and values statement, then the climate is set for an uplifting culture to be created. Such a culture is the basis for people being maximally effective and productive. If, on the other hand, organisational members perceive there's a significant in-congruency, they become cynical about management's motives and their own interests begin a path of ever-greater divergence from the organisation's goals.

We will assist you to develop and implement values based management for yourself, your business or organisation. A number of instruments are available to help individuals and organisations to identify their values and generate alignment.

Health &, Wellbeing

The health and wellbeing of staff is attaining a greater focus from Managers every year. The benefits to the organisation of addressing this issue include reduced absenteeism, improved staff morale and a safer workplace. Staff who are actively looking after their health tend to have a more positive attitude.

Modules in our Health &, Wellbeing offering include:

Top Health - A Health Risk Assessment Programme
Shiftwork &, Rostering Systems - Methods of identifying and managing the personal factors associated with working shifts.
Extended Hours - The Psychological and health effects of working extended hours.
Stress - Mechanisms for managing work induced stress and ensuring that staff remain healthy in stressful environments Substance Abuse - Programmes for ensuring that substance abuse does not affect the functionality of your workforce.

Adopting the most commonly available ranges of psychometric tests available in the business community, we frequently use:

  • SavilleConsulting
  • Hogans Assessment Systems
  • OPRA/Psytech
  • MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)
  • SPQ (Sales Preference Questionnaire)

We have access to a large number of psychological instruments and specific tests that can be used in any business setting. We provide you with the correct test for the job taking into account your budgets.

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