Job Analysis

  • Job analysis is a series of methods used to describe workto be performed and the work environmentincluding the knowledge skills abilities and personal competencies needed to perform them
  • These attributes are encapsulated in the Job Description
  • Good job descriptions provide a basis for performance management, remuneration, disciplinary processes that are both objective and fair , and is a legal requirement as a part of an employment contract
  • Our processes match the organisations needs and requirements to gather the most accurate information.

 Why use QED Services Limited?

  • We have been providing Job Analysis assistance for over 12 years to a range of corporate and public sector clients.
  • All our staff and associates are technically qualified at tertiary level to undertake the work of our clients.  We use the best people and the best process/products to provide the best results to our clients.
  • Our people are skilled professional individuals who have a grounding in business.  We are able to understand your needs and the drivers that bring you to us, therefore delivering the results you need in the timeframe required.
  • We understand that time is often of the essence so where possible we will respond to your needs in a timely manner with suitable professional staff.
  • Depending on the agreed up front parameters, we are prepared to guarantee the quality of our work.

 What QED Services Limited can provide:

  • Analyse the job by surveying and talking to existing incumbents and related staff. This may involve observation, interviewing or circulating a questionnaire.
  • Provide skeleton job descriptions based on the key identified needs and circulate this to existing staff in those positions for completion.
  • Create job descriptions from scratch using either job analysis methods or some existing documentation.

 Key Principles of QED’s Job Analysis Processes: 

  • We take both a job-oriented (information about the nature of the job and the tasks involved) and person-orientated approach (describes the knowledge, skills, abilities, and other personal characteristics a person must have in order to do a job) to cover all bases.
  • The method that we use to gather information will be based on what will work best for the organisation.

The Value of QED’s Job Analysis Processes to the Organisation:

  • Accurate job descriptions can be used as a basis from which performance can then be measured. This information can be used to develop relevant assessment processes during recruitment which are one of the most predictive ways of assessing on-the-job performance.
  • Provides the organisation with a legal document outlining tasks which can then be used to attract the right candidates and make sound recruitment decisions.
  • The information from a job analysis can also be used for career development, performance appraisal, recruitment and selection, training, setting salaries, safety and job classification.