Coaching and Mentoring

  • A process to enable individuals to accurately identify and achieve defined goals
  • Within the business world, there is an increasing awareness and appreciation of coaching &, mentoring from a third party perspective
  • It can lead to the development of engaged people and more productive organisations.

Why use QED Services Limited?

  • We provide personal, professional, psychologically-based services to organisations.
  • We have been providing Coaching and Mentoring assistance for over 10 years to a range of corporate and public sector clients.
  • All our staff and associates are technically qualified at tertiary level to undertake the work of our clients.  We use the best people and the best process/products to provide the best results to our clients.
  • Our people are skilled professional individuals who have a grounding in business.  We are able to understand your needs and the drivers that bring you to us, therefore delivering the results you need in the timeframe required.
  • We understand that time is often of the essence so where possible we will respond to your needs in a timely manner with suitable professional staff.
  • Depending on the agreed up front parameters, we are prepared to guarantee the quality of our work.

What QED Services Limited can provide:

  • Planning and coaching for individuals to attain professional and personal goals.
  • Focusing on what you want to do in the organisation. How are you going to formulate &, communicate a vision.
  • A deeper understanding of what you are faced by in your role
  • Strengthens a persons readiness to move forward and to groom for more responsibility.
  • Addressing elements in person’s behaviour that hampers progress
  • Dealing with behaviour change - management development
  • Understanding effective leadership and how do you present and communicate your values and share your ideas

Key Principles of QED’s Coaching and Mentoring Processes: 

  • Self-assessment activities for employees involved in coaching and development.
  • Identify and realistically assess needs, aspirations, and organisational objectives.
  • Consider how to integrate work and non-work priorities.
  • Devise plans to execute them with employees.
  • Recognise constraints and opportunities (internal and external to themselves).

The Value of QED’s Coaching and Mentoring Processes to the Organisation:

  • Encourages staff to feel valued.
  • Perceived as a positive motivating intervention.
  • Spill over effect to uninvolved staff showing potential for them to perceive support for future development and various issues.
  • Aids individual development.
  • Long-term cost effectiveness.